Web hosting
that you can count on.

In simple terms, Micronexx offers web hosting designed to stay up and keep your site live. Technically speaking, this is accomplished through high availability, multi-homed web hosting with redundancy, load balancing and automatic failover capabilities.

Our clustered multi-tiered application architecture allows us to host high volume websites economically, with complete real time synchronization between data centers. So, your site goes live and stays that way.

You can host more than just a web page

Web hosting is so much more than a web page. Our hosting services extended belong a place to display your HTML and include:

  • Monitoring and Administration; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Database Administrative Support
  • MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer
  • Multi-Location Backup and Recovery
  • Network Administration and Security Monitoring
  • Multiple High Bandwidth Load Balanced Access
  • Automatic Testing and Failover
  • Solaris/Linux/Microsoft Support
  • Application Monitoring

Service that makes customers happy

Our team is dedicated and courteous. Most importantly, they know their stuff. Every member of the team is highly-trained in their area of expertise, but also has a wide knowledge of every service and product Micronexx offers.

Available via telephone, email, and live chat, our representatives will be able to quickly find the answer to your questions.