Connect your Factory to the Web

Once your company has an order, what happens to it? Does it get lost in a complex ERP system? Is it handed off to other systems?Is it printed and man-handled? Let Micronexx show you a better way. We can tightly integrate front end websites and back end business systems to state of the art factories of tomorrow, where orders come in and product goes out, automatically.

Even if your business manufactures complex or custom products, we have the proven ability to marry an easy to use website with a robotic factory to eliminate the costs of order handling, mistakes, and human processing. Robotic automation is a competitive edge that Micronexx can help your company to achieve. If you use CNC equipment, have automated production lines that need more automation or are doing customized picking and assembly, we have the answer.

You do not have to automate your factory all at once. We can help you grab the low hanging fruit and put robotic cells in where they will do the most good, first. We can couple robots with your existing infrastructure, and help you to plan for the future by winning first with small successes that slowly envelope more of your enterprise.

Connect your Robotics to your Customers

The shop floor is not the only place where automation can drive out costs. If you are capturing customers and orders electronically, we can help you implement low-touch, high quality customer management processes that allow your employees to focus on important tasks, and leave routine status, schedule and shipment inquiries to proactive software. Do you have a staff of customer service people adding little value and answering routine questions?If so, let Micronexx show you a better way.

Imagine that you receive an order electronically. Imagine that the materials and parts for the order are automatically ordered and delivered to your plant. Imagine that robotics assist in the manufacture of the product, the packing of the order. And imagine that at each step of the way, the order activity is visible to your customer. Automatic order confirmation, automatic order production, automatic shipping and customer service. Put your staff to better use and let software handle the mundane.

Micronexx Staff can train your Robotic Staff

Micronexx has a staff of experienced integrators who can connect your website, databases and backend systems to the robotic factory of tomorrow. Our projects begin with a candid assessment of the opportunities for automation and we have the machinists, programmers, and industrial engineers to assist with defining an evolutionary path to drastically increased automation.

If you are just beginning the process, or interested in finding out more what a fully integrated web factory could do for your business, please contact us.